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Now it may come as a surprise to you but many older women think about sex all the time, no of cause we are not going to admit it as this would open the flood gates to some thing that we may not be able to control, but I now that now I am in my mid fifties my sex drive has increased no end, of cause this may be due to the fact that I no longer have to worry about becoming pregnant or thing about my kids listening to us making love from their bedrooms but for the first time since I had my children I can actually relax when I’m feeling horny and take my time enjoying every minute of the sexual experience, the only think is I get so horny that my pure hubby cannot keep me satisfied and I find my self fantasising about being shagged by other men, but until recently that’s all it was sexual fantasy until one day a few months ago when I got so horny and wet at the office I worked at I tried to seduce one of my younger male coleuses, which was totally embossing for both of us, I had to get this feeling under control and there was only one way to do this and that was to find some one who I could fuck when ever I felt horny no matter how many times of the day or night that was, I typed into Google Grannies in Leeds looking for sex and found an array of sex dating sites that promised to hook guy’s up with milf’s, gilf’s cougars and other mature women who they say are desperate for sex, now although I would not admit this to any one I realised that I too was one of these Grannies in Leeds desperate for sex so I kept searching until one site stood out and that was Leeds Gilf’s.

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